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To be eligible to participate in Will’s annual Musky Queen Competition, candidates must be present at Musky Fest and on stage for the official crowning at 10:00PM. Also, we invite every contestant to serve as a Guest Bartender at Will’s Northwoods Inn at least one evening sometime between July 15th and Musky Fest, which will be held on Saturday, September 12th, 2015

As a guest bartender, you will be trained for about 10 minutes by our staff, be paid the normal going rate (which is next to nothing!), and receive your appropriate share of the gratuities (which is typically zero). Your guest bartending spot is all about the fun, not about the work, and technically is not factored in to your quest for Musky Queen. This is merely your opportunity to tell patrons about your candidacy for Musky Queen and to get your name out there and gain their support (and have your friends see you behind the bar).

Another very important item is your official ballot box. We use a standard sized Musky Queen ballot box which we will provide for every contestant. You can pick up a box here at Will’s any time and decorate it any way you like. Your box can be creative, outdoorsy, sexy, funny, or whatever you think will help get the most votes.  Just make sure your name is on it so people know who they are voting for.  We give every contestant the same size box in order to keep things fair, but feel free to make modifications to the sides or top of the box, as long as the footprint stays the same.

On the day of Musky Fest, Will’s patrons will cast their votes for Musky Queen using the one-drink/one vote principle, which is a long-standing and widely cherished tradition in Chicago’s history. Whoever receives the most votes wins (voting early and voting often is encouraged).  Bring a ton of friends and have them vote for you with every drink. You and your friends may also solicit votes from the vast number of people at the fest who don’t know who to vote for (this gets really creative and fun)…

THE PRIZES? WELL… The Musky Queen will receive a mounted stuffed musky, the official Musky Queen tiara and sash, her name engraved on the All-Time Musky Queen plaque (which forever hangs proudly in the bar), a free keg party at Will’s, her choice of $250 in cash or accommodations at Aunt Hannah’s cabin in Hayward, Wisconsin (complete with outdoor plumbing), 2 tickets to TBOX, some other stuff (probably), and the huge honor of being MUSKY QUEEN for an entire year!

NOTE: Management reserves the right to suspend, discontinue, abandon or otherwise terminate this competition or declare any contestant ineligible at any time for lack of interest, unexpected difficulties or problems, management whim or any other reason of any nature whatsoever. All contestants are required to be at Musky Fest in order to win, and must be present and on stage for the Official Crowning. If you know you won’t be available, there’s always next year! Any questions, please call Kevin Kruse @ 773-301-0477, or leave a message for him with the bartender at Will’s and he’ll get back to you! Thank you, and good luck!

Download the Musky Queen Application

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