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**Quick note – If you’ve submitted your name and info at any point and received a confirmation email that your info was received, rest assured you’re still on the master list that we’re drawing from. If you haven’t been contacted for a specific game, your name hasn’t been chosen in the raffle but you’re still on the list. We are using that master list for each week’s drawing.**

9/8 Update @ 10pm

Consider us humbled with your outpouring of support. Wow. Just…wow!

We will be reaching out Wed 9/9 and Thu 9/10 to confirm Week 1 reservations. After week 1 has been played, we will be reaching out to groups for Weeks 2-4.

The amount of names submitted may be greater than we can even accommodate for the year and we never want to let anyone down. Any submissions past 10p on 9/8 will still be logged (and confirmations sent) but we’ll be waiting to get through Week 1 to see how everything goes (with a Packers W of course) and will continue to post updates.

Socially distanced hugs & chants of “Go Pack Go!”
-Will’s Staff

Hello Packers Backers! 9/5

We couldn’t be more excited to start up the football season with all of you once more. Due to current city and state guidelines for COVID-19, this year at Will’s will look a bit different than past years. If you’d like to “put your name in the hat” for a gameday reservation, please read everything below carefully:

Reservations will occur via a drawing, which will take place on Tuesday September 8th. At that point, we will draw names for the first four games. Additional drawings will take place later in the season for the next games and so on.

If your name is drawn, you will be given the choice of which week you would like to attend a Packers game at Will’s. If you cannot make one of the first four game dates, you can defer once to the next schedule release, meaning you will have precedence on which of the next group of games you and your group would like to attend. Each reservation will be assigned an arrival time. Please arrive punctually as we will be staggering arrival times so everyone can have a safe and socially distanced experience.

Patio seating will be weather permitting as inside seating will be reserved as well and can not be used as backup. Currently with social distancing between tables, we have 4 spots available for groups of 2-3 people and 18 tables for groups of 4-6.

Sadly, we ask that you leave your prior year Gameday cups at home as current guidelines restrict refills.

Currently, there will be no deposit for reservations though we have a recommended minimum of $25 per person with the limited seating. This can include drinks, food, and/or merchandise, which will be available for purchase on game days. There will be no game day grill, but customers may order food off our regular menu found here:

Will’s requires following current guidelines:

  • Guests are required to wear masks when walking in or when walking to the restroom.
  • While seated at your table, masks can be removed.
  • Per the state law passed in August, all guests must wear masks when interacting with staff (ordering drinks, dropping off food).
  • Table service will be provided for all tables.
  • Guests cannot switch seats between tables, walk over to visit other tables, or walk up to the bar to order.
  • QR codes are utilized for menus and disposable cups for all drinks.
  • All guests will have their temperature taken prior to being seated. Any guests with a temperature over 99.8 degrees Fahrenheit will not be allowed to be seated.

    We’re trying to figure this out the best we can and we look forward to watching the Packers with you soon!

    Each person in your party can submit their information but only one entry per person, please. To submit your information, please send the following information via email to

  • First and last name
  • Party size (max of 6)
  • Any weeks that you are not available

    You will receive a confirmation reply that your email was received within 2 days.

    Socially distanced hugs,
    Will’s Staff

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