Bring your friends and we’ll supply the taxidermy.


Book our back room for a private (or semi-private) party! We have great party packages beginning at $295! Contact Will’s with the ‘Book an Event’ button above.

Semi-Private Keg Party

The easiest way to throw a party at Will’s. We will sell you one keg of beer, either Lite or Leinenkugel, for $295. We give you a stamp, you stamp your guests, and they drink for free off this keg until it’s gone. If you want a second keg, that’s another $295. Restrictions:

  • The party has to start before 11PM.
  • Once we tap a keg, you’ve purchased the whole thing. We can’t refund you for non-consumed beer.
  • You have to finish your first keg before we tap your second keg.
  • You are sharing space in the bar with anyone else who happens to be there.


Private Party – Open Bar

If you have a large group – minimum of thirty, maximum of 100 – you may wish to rent the back room at Will’s. Our basic rate is $12.50 per person per hour, with a three hour minimum and a thirty person minimum. This entitles you to domestic draft and bottled beer, well liquor and soda. For our premium package, which includes domestic draft and bottled beer, well & call liquor (Vodka-Stoli/Titos, Gin-Tanquerey, Rum-Bacardi/Captain Morgan, and Tequila-Herradura), and soda, the cost is $15.00 per person per hour. Shots, double pours, and Red Bull are not included with either package.

  • The party must start by 10PM on Fridays, or by¬†11PM on Saturdays.
  • We can provide, at a charge, catering for your party. This includes menu items as well as a few other choices. Please call for details.